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SISTERS’ PROJECT encourages women to offer their skills for the benefit of others and build a sustainable community supporting women in need. As a community organisation we now provide:

We all go through hardships. Sometimes women suffer in silence. We understand sisters with little or no family support may need help with making food or obtaining grocery supplies in times of financial, health and/or emotional difficulties.

Life can take a turn, situations change, we all need help at times. Especially when you don’t have family support, are a single mother or new in an area with little to no friends.

Strong women are women who support each other. We aim to be a sustainable platform through which women can establish and/or promote their businesses or projects.

Feeling lonely can happen whether you’re alone or surrounded by others. Over the years we’ve developed a ‘buddy-system’, whereby women are in regular contact with each other for a friendly chat (whether remote or in person), a meeting or an outing.

Nothing beats human contact and the warmth of a hug; we organise regular (support) gatherings for women to interact and to share stories and experiences. We also attend several women’s gatherings or events to speak about SISTERS’ PROJECT and the importance of our services.

Often women are unsure where to turn to or where to start when reaching out for help. This is at times combined with shame and with fear of cultural and faith-based factors not being considered or catered for.


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