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Being new in a city, feeling isolated, lonely or struggling with health, household or financial difficulty, the fact is that many women are in need of support.
And this is where SISTERS’ PROJECT comes in.

SISTERS’ PROJECT is a non-government funded community organisation founded in 2008 in the United Kingdom by a group of women who became aware of the multiple issues women from minority groups were facing. A support and empowerment network, for women, by women was launched, reaching out and responding to primarily Muslim women in need.

Growing from a backroom space to a multi-services platform, our ethos is to support and empower single, female-led households, short and long term. Working towards social justice, creating a positive effect on our communities whilst focusing on making opportunities for empowerment and development more accessible for everyone.

Many women do not have a family network, either don’t feel confident or comfortable to step to existing support organisations or are unaware of the types of support available to them. SISTERS’ PROJECT was set up to as an easy accessable point of contact, safety and understanding, reaching out to help women like a family would.

The need for an organisation by women, for women in a friendly, non judgemental environment, not related to any specific groups, mosques or other institutions and open to all, led to the start of SISTERS’ PROJECT.