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1:1 support

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Often women are unsure where to turn to or where to start when reaching out for help. This is at times combined with shame and with fear of cultural and faith-based factors not being considered or catered for.

After an assessment, we endeavour to create a family-like feeling for women in need of support, and offer them one or a combination of our own services as well as sign-posting advice to access services we consider as appropriate and safe.
Also as part of an individual action plan, we sign-post women to relevant services by means of our Support Reference Sheet; listing an overview of both local and national support organisations, food banks and available grants.

We are currently receiving referrals from different local and national (support) organisations and institutions as well as multiple Children’s Centres, seeking to provide mothers with the social support they need.

Reach out to us if you are in need of this service or any other type of support