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Tools & Resources

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Dhikr Posters

SAY the dhikr, SEE the reward!
10 mini-posters like no other with the most common phrases of dhikr AND COLOURFUL IMAGES SHOWING YOU THE REWARD YOU GET FOR SAYING THEM!
We wanted you to be reminded to say the most common phrases of dhikr throughout your day, but ALSO put your feelings in it.
How? By SEEING the reward! How super-motivational to feel the dhikr you say?

Intention Strips

The easiest way to maximize daily rewards without effort! Print & hang up these examples of intentions to make with all your tasks, spread over the house. Daily tasks + intentions to please Allah = worship. Remember to say bismillah with each act & to be present in the moment.

Dhikr Cards

Reminders for easy dhikr. Effortless, perfect for the busiest times of the day.
Print, (colour) & hang up all over the house to remember to say the easiest phrases of remembrance with the greatest reward.

Ultimate Dua List

Extensive example dua list in English, for all areas of life, with spaces to add corresponding Names of Allah to personalize your dua’s. Print asap or read daily of your phone.

Daily Worship Checklist

Colour-coded A4 chart with most recommended, daily acts of worship to tick off & not miss one! Print/laminate asap and have it ready. (Or use off phone)

Daily Ayah Action Points

Easy, daily action points for the ayaat of the Qur’an for each Juz. Download asap so you have the file ready to start with Juz 1 on Day 1 of Ramadan for maximum benefit. Readers worldwide gave feedback these Qur’anic action points helped them interact with the Quran, by just reading through them 5 minutes a day.

Revive 15 Sunan In Salah E-book

Print the ‘Daily Checklist: 15 Sunan’ for a quick overview of all sunan (hang on wall) Print ‘Intentions for Salah’ and *whilst reading the Qur’an’ (hang in wall + in your Quran).

10 Deeds For Paradise

Be inspired by 10 easy deeds in your journey to Paradise. Simply print/save, make them a habit and teach others, by Allah’s will.

Revive A Sunnah Posters

3 beautiful posters to use as checklist with sunan to revive. Print/use off phone.

Supplicate With Allah’s Names Calendar

Beautiful, concise dua’s based on how to live by His different Names & Attributes

Learn & Live By 99 Names Of Allah Challenge

Get one post each day with 3 Names, summarised meaning & practical tips on HOW to live by them. Know and learn to apply 99 Names of Allah, in 30 days, 5 minutes a day, by His will!
Message us to be added on 0044708403503.

Ramadan Love❤️ Series

Daily posts with 4, ready-made, good deeds.
Made for busy people; each day of Ramadan you’ll receive a concise post with:

1 ayah action point from the Qur’an, 1 dua’, 1 sunnah and 1 blessing a day.
All you need to do is follow the 4 deeds & daily get rewarded for:
-reading/ implementing Quran
– making dua
– reviving a Sunnah and being thankful for a selected blessing!
To receive these Series:


An emaan-boosting session guiding you through 12 life-changing prayer tips!

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