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Our Services

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01Food rotas and Grocery Support Service

We all go through hardships. Sometimes women suffer in silence. We understand sisters with little or no family support may need help with making food or obtaining grocery supplies in times of financial, health and/or emotional difficulties. We offer cooked meal rotas, delivered by volunteering women as well as essential groceries. Examples of situations in which we provided these services are: recovery after childbirth, sudden illness, chronic and terminal illnesses and benefit gaps.

02Household and family items support

Life can take a turn, situations change, we all need help at times. Especially when you don’t have family support, are a single mother or new in an area with little to no friends. We try and offer support via household items and family support items like essential furniture, white goods, clothing and carpets in some cases. We provide, either by those in our network giving away these items or donating towards the purchase of (second hand) items.

03Women’s network & Business promotion support

Strong women are women who support each other. We aim to be a sustainable platform through which women can establish and/or promote their businesses or projects. This can be in the form of a product or business review being shared within our network; through our email database and all our social media channels. A list of both national and even inyternational organisations and projects made use
of promotion of their services and products by SISTERS’ PROJECT.
To learn more about our Business promotion support contact us on with a description of your business or project.


Feeling lonely can happen whether you’re alone or surrounded by others. Over the years we’ve developed a ‘buddy-system’, whereby women are in regular contact with each other for a friendly chat, meeting or outing.

05Social events and gatherings

Nothing beats human contact and the warmth of a hug and being able to share stories and experiences. The Circle of Knowledge is a regular evening women’s gathering, started in 2009, and continues to provide spiritual reminders to women of different backgrounds, of all ages. We also provide a week day, day time gathering once weekly to nourish our soul – as well as monthly social (support) gatherings. For more information about our gatherings please contact us.

06Emergency advice, signposting and 1 on 1 support

Often women are unsure where to turn to or where to start when reaching out for help. This is at times combined with fear of cultural and faith-based factors not being understood or catered for. After an assessment, we endeavour to create a family-like feeling for women in need of support, and offer them one or a combination of our own services. as well as sign-posting advice to access services we consider as appropriate and safe. Also as part of an individual action plan, we sign-post women to relevant services we consider as appropriate and safe by means of our Support Reference Sheet; listing an overview of both local and national support organisations, food banks and
available grants.

07Self-care and empowerment publications, tools and resources

We feel looking after each other also means strengthening each other’s faith and spirituality. Therefore we develop ongoing self-care and empowerment publications, tools and resources, shared on our downloads platform, Whatsapp coaching groups, email, Facebook and Instagram.

Reach out to us if you are in need of this service or any other type of support