A very special sister came to us and said:
“I have a washing machine and I have time. Sisters can bring their laundry to me and I will wash it for them, and if Allah wants the weather to be nice I can dry it for them in the garden as well. And if they want to drop off their children, even for an hour, so they can relax for a bit, go and do their hair, or just sit down and read a book, they can bring them to me. I know from my own daughter how tough it sometimes gets and she can’t seem to see a way out.”
This is sisterhood, in the purest and simplest form. Her words still linger in our heart.

Let’s get organised!
Using our compassion, our openness and all our personal skills, we started a group to help each other in our daily lives. From visiting a sister who feels lonely to doing new mum meal rotas for ladies, just pure and simple sisterhood.

Let’s get educated!
Our common objective is to increase our Islamic knowledge. However, we feel that it’s vital to translate this knowledge into ACTION in the local community.

Let’s meet!
Such a mission comes to life through our weekly gatherings for where we meet, socialise, gain knowledge and where we can discuss ideas for different projects. There are so many sparkling pearls just waiting to be discovered!  It is amazing to see how Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa gifted all of us with different skills and by keeping a skills database of sisters all throughout Birmingham we aim to unite different sisters initiatives and make them easily accessible.


Acting as a sisterhood platform in Birmingham the SISTERS’ PROJECT can promote initiatives for sisters through:
– our weekly circles
– our interactive community website
– our SISTERS’ PROJECT Database for emails & texts