“The Friday talks are delivered eloquently and it has affected me profoundly as the sister was able to communicate how the messages relate to us..It has helped me to reflect upon myself as a Muslim.” – Afizia

“Friday’s talks have taught me so much I didn’t know and what I know has been  repeated and understood much better. I feel refreshed and alive. My soul feels nourished!” – Qanwal

“The first time attended the sisters talk on Friday it was  amazing.  Just to be sitting in a sisters gathering brought so much peace to my heart. What I loved was the way the sister gives the talks, you just want to carry on listening and taking the knowledge in.  By attending the classes it’s given me more of a push to want to learn about my Deen and also to know not everyone in the dunya is the same. I am so glad I’ve joined your circle!” – Ishrat

“It rejuvenates my imaan week by week not giving it a chance to fall.” – Parveen

The Friday talks give me practical tips to take ACTION in my life! – Rukia

“ Mind-opening!” Shabana

“Friday circles boost up ur imaan & ur in a lovely sisterhood gathering & knowing that whoever goes out of their way to seek knowledge Allah (swt) makes the path of Jannah easy for them..I’ve learnt and benefited a lot Alhamdulillah!”

 “The Friday talks are so amazing. The knowledge I gained I’ve implemented into my daily life and feel stronger & happier in Islam.” – Anonymous

 “A sisters get together, an eman boost, informative presentations and practical solutions to reaching out to others- all in one!” – Umm Nur

“A lovely relaxed, welcoming opportunity for gathering with sisters with short reminder. It really revives me for the week ahead.” – Khadijah

Mondays gatherings for me not only gives me an opportunity to meet sisters, these sisters are inspiring, active in projects and we chat and learn a lot about what is happening in the community over a cup of tea and biscuits, overall it’s all done for the pleasure of Allah (swt), what can beat that!– QanwalAlways inspiring masha’Allah, fantastic group of sisters, willing to help & share your problems. Great way to start the week! Also the venue works out well if you have to bring kids!

– Umm Maryam

A wonderfully inviting and friendly circle packed with knowledge that always inspires me to get closer to my Deen. Lovely way to meet like minded sisters! – Nadia

What are your experiences of the Friday & Monday circles? Share your opinion below!

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