We are a small group of sisters united in our commitment to help those in need. Through the establishment of the SISTERS’ FOOD BANK, we are striving to provide assistance to our sisters during times of financial or emotional crisis.

Mission Statement

SISTERS’ FOOD BANK will strive to reach out to sisters during times of distress, be it financial or emotional, by providing weekly food boxes, home visits, referral information and a smile. We are committed to providing this support primarily to female headed households, such as single mothers, single women, divorcees etc, for an initial period of one month, to assist them during the transition to a more stable situation.

Description of the project

The aim of SISTERS’ FOOD BANK  is to support sisters in need during times of crisis, such as separation, divorce, homelessness or poverty. We aim to do this through the delivery of weekly food boxes, and referral to support agencies. Food boxes will be donated and delivered by a team of volunteers. We will provide support on a short term basis, making weekly deliveries for a one month period, after which time we will re-assess the level of need.