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Being new in a cityfeeling isolatedlonely or struggling with health, families or financial difficulty, the fact is that many sisters are in need of support.

And this is where SISTERS’ PROJECT comes in.

SISTERS’ PROJECT is a large women’s support network, founded in 2008 in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

SISTERS’ PROJECT reaches out to help sisters in need like a family; in a friendlynon judgemental environment, not related to any specific groups, mosques or other institutions and open to all.

SISTERS’ PROJECT encourages women to offer their skills for the benefit of others.As a community organisation we now provide:

  • Food rotas and Grocery Support Service
  • Household and family items support
  • Women’s network & Business promotion support
  • Befriending
  • Emergency advice, signposting and 1 on 1 support to sisters in need
  • Islamic Reminders, in regular social gatherings and on social media

By the grace of Allah, we’ve built up a bond of trust with our network and many sisters chose to reach out to us over the years.
SISTERS’ PROJECT; a platform to get into action for and with each other.

SISTERS’ PROJECT is your project!Reach out.
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